MTECHTIPS:- Bank Nifty August Future

MTECHTIPS:- Bank Nifty August Future: BANKNIFTY(24042.9) is currently in SIDEWAYS trend . Yesterday the trend was BEAR WITH LV In Aug series BANKNIFTY future added 0.33 lakh position in Open Interest and this accounts to -1.57 % of Total Open Interest in Aug series.The BANKNIFTY Aug series is trading at 68.45 Rs premium to Underlying . In derivative cumulatively for all series contract BANKNIFTY future net shed 0.21 lakh position in open interest and this accounts to -0.9 % of Total Open Interest in all series and cumulatively trading in average premium of 117.92 Rs to Underlying. The open interest is also increasing with trend
In options activity mainly confined to higher calls even though put/call ratio is low At current price strike the activity is tilted to put side but writing of put is decreasing.