Trading in mcx copper futures .

All major commodity market exchange across the world offers to trade in copper futures. In Indian commodity market trading in copper futures in done on MCX.Trading in commodity futures is similar to trading in equity futures.Future contracts are standard contracts traded over the exchange, where two parties buyer , seller participates and buyer is under obligation to take delivery of commodity(copper in case of copper future trading) on pre decided price and date. Experts suggestions on mcx tips are helpful in earning more profitable returns while trading in commodities like copper,gold,silver,aluminum,zinc and more.

Benefits of trading in copper futures

Copper producers and consumers use copper future contracts to hedge against future price risk.A producer can take short position in the future market against inventory .On the other hand a consumer can take long position and fix its purchasing price. By doing so both consumer and producer are on safe side.

Copper is quite famous among speculators as well.They try to anticipate price movements of underlying and take long or short position in future contracts and prefer to settle in cash.

Factors that affects the price of copper are discussed below

Copper is the core component of electrical appliances like lead free solder, wave guides, wiring, piping etc.Increase in demand of such appliances leads to increase in price of copper.

Some events are commodity specific like construction of production facility, unexpected mine , restructuring of industry all affect the price of different metals.

Large number of macro economic factors like exchange rate of USD-INR, price of alternative base metals : aluminum,nickel influence price of copper.

Systematic variable like some particular time of the year, weather affects demand and production of metals.

Copper is third most used metal in world as it is used for several purposes.Its price is governed by demand and supply factor primarily i.e the ability of suppliers to extract ,transport the product and the demand of good and services which require copper. Other factors as well like interest rate, availability of substitute metal, political rules and regulations, economic conditions are also responsible.

Physical delivery of commodities in future contracts is hardly made. Mostly traders try to gain profit from price movements.Other market like currency is also preferred to gain benefits from price fluctuations. Currency tips of experts are preferred in this market for getting better trade results.Trading in currency is done in pairs.Like EUR/USD, INR/USD and more. Price of one currency is expected to rise or fall against other and according to that traders take position in market.To succeed by trading in commodity,currency and stocks a good market knowledge in which you are trading is required.Market offers ample opportunities to trade and earn good returns.Traders can use such opportunities to work in their favor by having a well planned trading strategy according to the market needs.