Today Nifty/Bank Nifty News Letter


Nifty Outlook

Index performed well for the course of week, with a good support of budget which pushed the price to 150 points for the day and prices hit to three months high. We still expect some positive wave in coming days and many result and policy are yet to come. Still a fine print of budget is about to come which can bring some new buzz in the air. This could lead the prices to 8900 handle, while support can be taken at 8640.


Bank Nifty:

Bank Nifty Outlook

Sitting on the resistance we are expecting some more upside from Bank Nifty, as we are heading to two months high, now prices are expected to hit for 20400 and 20700 in coming week, also the major move can be seen in PSU banks else than the major banking stocks. This can result in new buying and volume upside in index while support falls at 19800

Nifty Trends

R1 8840
R2 9050
S1 8640
S2 8500
Technical Outlook:

Nifty Day Performance

Open 8791.40
High 8808.60
Low 8780.40
Close 8,740.95

Top Gainers

TECHM 481.00
CIPLA 608.70
BHEL 142.55

Top Losers

BOSCHLTD 22350.00
ZEEL 495.00
EICHERMOT 23320.00