Todays commodity tips for trading

1. MCX Gold are expected to trade sideways taking cues from international markets. Support at 26800/26680, Resistance: 27050/27150

2. MCX Copper prices are expected to trade higher taking cues from international trends, Support 372/368, Resistance: 377/380

3. MCX CrudeOil prices are expected to trade lower taking cues from weak international markets. CrudeOil Outlook

4. MCX Gold June trend is Up today with support at 26800 and 26680, Resistance at 27050 and

27150. Buy on Dip suggested by pinnacleindore

5. MCX Call: Buy MCX Zinc Apr Intraday between 137.90-138.10, Target at 141-141.10 and Stoploss 137.

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